Travel Medical Insurance

The Lions Gate Underwriting line of Emergency Travel Medical Insurance provides comprehensive coverage offering great value at a competitive price.

Because this coverage is only available through select insurance brokers, you are also assured the expert guidance of
our knowledgeable insurance personnel in helping you guide your clients to the best coverage to meet their individual needs.

Key highlights of Lions Gate Underwriting Travel Medical Insurance are:

  • Annual Multi-Trip Plan Options - choose 10, 35, 60 or 100 days or Single Trip Plan up to 100 days
  • $10 Million Emergency Hospital / Medical overall limit per Insured Person, per injury or sickness,
    including up to $82,000 for additional ‘non-medical’ expenses
  • Family plans available for all age categories
  • No limit to number of dependent children per family unit
  • Pre-existing conditions coverage if the condition is stable for 90 days prior to trip departure date (some exclusions apply)
  • Zero deductible on most claims
  • Medical Evacuation back to Canada - when pre-approved
  • First Payer provision - insurer will pay valid hospitalization expenses up front and in full before it is submitted
    to the insured claimant's government health plan or other insurer(s) provided the claim is reported to Lions Gate first
  • 24 / 7 Worldwide Assistance through our UnitedHealthcare Global Assistance

Excess Hospital / Medical Insurance

Designed for individuals or groups requiring emergency travel medical insurance coverage for any location - worldwide, this product provides benefits in excess of those provided by Canadian government health insurance plans. We provide superior hospital / medical coverage combined with a variety of ancillary benefits including emergency assistance services.

This product is commonly used by an employer to provide medical coverage for employees who are travelling on business however, it may be used as a stand-alone product for individuals or small groups who will be traveling for extended periods of time and may require some follow-up treatment after the initial emergency is attended to, rather than returning home for continued treatment. It is also an excellent solution for students enrolled at educational facilities outside of Canada.

Either annual or short-term coverage is available.

Expatriate Hospital / Medical Insurance

Basic emergency hospital / medical coverage for Canadian citizens or Canadian companies requiring insurance for individuals who will be relocating outside Canada to live, work or attend school and who are not eligible for an extension of their government health insurance plan.

The significant difference between Expatriate insurance and Travel Medical insurance is that our Expatriate product provides for follow-up treatment after the initial emergency whereas Travel Medical provides treatment for the initial emergency only and requires the insured person to return home for follow-up care. This coverage is provided on a short-term or annual basis.

Inpatriate Hospital / Medical Insurance

Basic emergency hospital / medical coverage for individuals coming to Canada on a visa to work, visit or attend school, who do not qualify for Canadian government health insurance. Coverage is available to Canadian individuals, organizations or companies employing foreign nationals requiring medical coverage prior to becoming eligible for Canadian government health insurance.

Travel Medical Plans for Brokers

Designed especially for independent insurance brokers to market as a program providing a variety of multi-trip and single-trip Emergency Travel Medical Insurance at competitive rates.

High benefit levels and emergency assistance capabilities make this product an excellent addition to an insurance broker's product line. The annual plans provide a year round safety net for the insured client and eligible family members whether they are on a planned holiday or if an unexpected travel situation occurs. Economically priced and a "must have" for today's busy lifestyle. Competitively priced and available in a choice of trip plan options and age ranges.

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