Accident & Sickness

Lions Gate Underwriting provides tailored solutions. Accident and Sickness insurance for a wide variety of situations including, but not limited to High Limit Career Loss coverage for Professional Entertainers, Sports people and Key Business Personnel.

We work with the Lloyd's Market and a variety of Insurance Brokers and Benefit Consultants to provide creative solutions for unusual and challenging risks. Additionally, Lions Gate is able to custom design a variety of Programs including Travel Medical, Accidental Death & Disablement and Stop Loss, for marketing to clients on a group or individual basis.

War Risk and Terrorism protection is available as a stand-alone insurance or may be added to most types of cover.

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Accident Death & Disablement

Provides a lump-sum benefit in the event of Accidental Death or Disablement including loss or loss of use of limbs, sight, speech or hearing. Other ancillary benefits, such as Rehabilitation Benefit, Occupational Training benefit, Child Care Benefit, Disability Fitness Equipment Benefit may be added to provide a tailored and comprehensive package.

In addition to policies specifically geared to individuals and corporations, AD&D is routinely provided as a component of a group insurance benefit plan (i.e. basic or voluntary AD&D).

Variations include business travel accident; 24-Hour AD&D; student accident; coverage for unusual activities; high limit coverage; unscheduled or charter aircraft and helicopter exposure / pilot coverage as well as cover for war risk and terrorism exposure.

Comprehensive Accident Insurance

Specifically designed for volunteer groups or association group members to provide accidental death, medical, dental and disability benefits.

Annual, seasonal or short-term and special events coverage is available. Examples include church groups, strata property owners, clubs, non-profit organizations, etc.

Paralysis Only Insurance

Insurance which provides a lump sum benefit of up to 5 million dollars in the event of an accident causing injury which results in Quadriplegia, Paraplegia or Hemiplegia. The benefit may be invested to provide ongoing income or a "living benefit" and was specifically and primarily designed for hockey and other contact or high risk sports groups. Underwriting consideration may be given to single individuals as well.

Permanent Total Disability or Career Loss Insurance

Insurance providing a lump sum benefit of up to 2.5 million dollars for Accident only or Accident and Sickness losses and up to 5 million dollars in the event of an accident resulting in injury causing Quadriplegia, Paraplegia or Hemiplegia. Although typically written on an individual basis, coverage may be available for groups in unique situations. Annual or short-term policies are available.

Temporary Total Disability Income Insurance

Accident Only coverage or Accident and Sickness Disability Income coverage for any occupation on an "own occupation" basis, primarily designed for high income earners. Benefit periods of up to 5 years are available. This coverage provides an alternative for those individuals or groups who do not qualify for conventional disability insurance.

Extended Health - Benefits Stop-Loss Insurance Programme

Designed for large employers, union groups, group benefit consultants and insurance brokers, extended health benefits stop-loss provides reimbursement for extended health benefits in excess of a pre-determined self-insured limit.

"Stop-Loss" is becoming a popular alternative to a fully insured extended health plan as a means of mitigating the ever-increasing cost of providing this coverage to employees or plan members.

The employer or union self insures extended health benefits up to a pre-determined limit per insured employee or insured person. Up to $1,000,000, minus the Stop-Loss Deductible, is then insured through Lions Gate Underwriting.

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